Elevate to ELITE


Ready to Stop Being the Best-Kept Secret?

You know you’ve got the chops. You’re organized, you’re tech-savvy, and you’re ready to make a real impact.

But you often find yourself scrolling through yet another job listing, feeling like you’re shouting into the void.

It’s not just frustrating; it’s downright demoralizing.

You’re so ready to step up, to be seen, and to finally connect with clients who don’t just see you as an expense but as an indispensable part of their success story.

The e-learning industry is valued at $399.4 billion in 2022. And it just keeps growing.

Thought leaders, trainers, speakers, edupreneurs, and coaches are on the hunt for virtual assistants who don’t just bring skills to the table but truly get what they’re trying to achieve – more like strategic partners.

But here’s the kicker: if you’re not equipped with the right mindset & the specific skills this niche demands, you’re invisible to them.

It’s like showing up to a marathon with flip-flops.

You’re not even in the race.

Feel That Knot in Your Stomach? Good. Let’s Untangle It.

Imagine if you could not just participate in the race but blaze past the competition.

Picture yourself as the go-to virtual associate for the crème de la crème of thought leaders, trainers, speakers, and coaches.

We’re talking about clients who don’t just value your work but are eager to pay premium rates for your expertise.

That’s precisely why I created Elevate to ELITE.  This program represents the culmination of everything I’ve learned about standing out as an Online Business Manager & Full-Stack Digital Marketer in today’s digital world. I designed it to transform you into the elite virtual associate that thought leaders, trainers, speakers, and coaches are desperately seeking.

Elevate to ELITE is your ticket to becoming the top-tier virtual associate that every thought leader, trainer, speaker, and coach wishes to hire. I’m talking about deep dives into digital marketing, mastering content creation, navigating the latest tech effortlessly, and so much more.

It’s a comprehensive transformation program that will arm you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to turn you into an ELITE Virtual Associate.

Why now, you ask?

The gap between the demand for high-level VAs and the supply of truly qualified candidates is widening every day. This is your chance to jump ahead of the competition and secure your spot as a sought-after virtual assistant.

With Elevate to ELITE, you’re not just enhancing your skills; you’re investing in your future.

Are you ready to transform your career and become the elite virtual associate that clients are clamoring for?

If your answer is yes, then it’s time to take action. Enroll in Elevate to ELITE today and begin your ascent to the top.

Remember, in this game, the only way to truly lose is by standing still. Let’s make it happen.

Join me, and let’s embark on this journey to excellence together.

Hi, I’M

Gwenn Doria. 

Back in 2009, I took the leap into the uncharted world of remote work as a Virtual Assistant. I leveraged my background in the corporate world and quickly transitioned into a Digital Marketing Project Manager for a leading global education provider in project management training.

Along the way, I’ve also been a tech support specialist, customer support manager, and beta tester for cutting-edge SaaS companies across the US and Europe. 

Being exposed to a good mix of admin, creative, and tech projects, I’ve learned to develop fully-functioning and well-designed websites and sales funnels, write sales copies and articles, and build marketing automation systems.

I am a full-stack digital marketer and an online business manager. I help businesses and professionals scale and grow online through human-centric digital marketing, compassionate customer service, and efficient online business management.

I’m here to fast-track your journey to becoming an ELITE Virtual Associate. With me, you’ll be learning the ropes and getting insider information to dominate all aspects of your virtual associate journey – from adopting the right mindset to acquiring skills that make you competitive, to strategies for having a thriving Virtual Associate career.

It’s high time we flipped the script. Think “Virtual Assistant,” and the image that pops up is someone ticking off tasks on a checklist, right? Wrong. Incorrect. Myth.

I’ve been using the term “Virtual Associate” – it isn’t just a fancy rebrand; it’s simply the right term.

The truth is Virtual Associates are the silent strategists, the innovators, the empowering force propelling businesses forward. Virtual Associates are not just part of the team but partners and game-changers every client desperately needs.

My dream is to become instrumental in honing competent, committed, and compassionate professionals dominating the online space through the ELEVATE TO ELITE Virtual Associate Mastery Program.

Who is this program for?

  • Those who would want to cater to clients who creates a dent in the universe – the thought leaders, trainers, speakers, and coaches

  • Those who would want to fast track their Virtual Professional Career

  • Those who would want to have a solid start in their VA career

  • Those who want a strategic network to learn from, grow with, and engage with

  • Those who would want to be a part of an ELITE Virtual Associate talent pool who will be matched with clients who value your worth

  • Those who are ready to invest in their growth as an individual and as a professional


What You’ll Learn:

Module 1: Setting Expectations

Lesson 1: Introduction to your High-Level Role 

  • “Getting to Know Your Client”
  • Detailed overview of the role of a high-level virtual assistant and its importance
  • Setting up a virtual office: Essential tools and software

Lesson 2: Mastering Administrative Tasks

  • Comprehensive strategies for managing emails, calendars, databases, and documents
  • Basics of bookkeeping and invoicing

Lesson 3: Effective Communication Skills

  • Building and maintaining rapport with clients
  • Communication tools and confidentiality management for clients
  • Techniques for feedback and conflict resolution

Lesson 4: Project Management and Collaboration Tools

  • Introduction to leading project management and collaboration tools
  • Strategies for effective remote work collaboration and productivity 

Module 2: Innovative Digital Marketing

Lesson 1: Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Digital marketing fundamentals for thought leaders, trainers, speakers, and coaches
  • Creating engaging content for various platforms
  • Foundational SEO and email marketing 

Lesson 2: Social Media Management

  • Effective management and engagement strategies for key social media platforms
  • Understanding social media analytics 

Lesson 3: Website Management and Content Creation

  • Non-technical guide to website management
  • Content management systems usage and web analytics basics

Lesson 4: Managing Podcasts and Guest Outreach

  • Podcast management fundamentals 
  • Identifying and engaging potential guests, content planning, and promotion strategies

Module 3: Building your Power Skills

Lesson 1: Sales Funnel Development

  • Defining what is a “sales funnel”, “upsells”, “down sells”, “leads”, “tripwires”
  • Understanding sales funnel development & strategies for thought leaders, trainers, speakers, and coaches
  • Lead generation, landing page creation, and lead nurturing techniques
  • Designing lead magnets like ebooks, whitepapers, and ebooks

Lesson 2: Designing Effective Training Modules

  • Understanding instructional design 
  • Writing and tweaking course outlines and content
  • Creating engaging, educational training content

Module 4: Your Capstone Project

All students will apply the skills learned throughout the course to develop a comprehensive support plan for a hypothetical trainer, speaker, edupreneur, or coach. This includes creating a digital marketing strategy, setting up a basic sales funnel structure, and outlining administrative support tasks.

Module 5: Demonstrate your Mastery

The assessment module is structured to evaluate your understanding and application of the course material across all key areas: administrative tasks, digital marketing, and sales funnel development. This comprehensive approach ensures that you’re well-rounded and proficient in the essential skills that your future clients will demand.

The centerpiece of the assessment module is the Capstone Project. This project is your chance to bring together everything you’ve learned into one comprehensive, client-ready plan. You’ll be given a hypothetical scenario based on common challenges faced by trainers, speakers, edupreneurs, and coaches, and develop a support strategy that addresses those needs. Your project will be presented to a panel of experts and peers for feedback and evaluation.




Bonus # 1: Job Matching

We offer an exclusive opportunity that extends beyond education and skills development. Upon completion of your ELEVATE TO ELITE Training, you’ll become eligible to join our ELITE Virtual Associate Talent Pool.

This awesome bonus opens the door to being matched with potential clients, providing a seamless transition from learning to (wait for it) earning.

We take the guesswork out of finding your next project. Our matching process considers your unique skills, preferences, and specialization to pair you with clients that align with your expertise and career goals.

Bonus # 2: Ongoing Mentorship

Graduates of our course who are successfully matched with our clients will benefit from ongoing mentorship with subject matter experts, ensuring a seamless integration into their new roles.

This mentorship program is designed to provide continuous support and guidance, allowing our graduates to refine their skills and adapt effectively to the remote work set up.

It’s our commitment to not just match our graduates with clients but to also support their journey towards becoming confident and proficient virtual assistants, guaranteeing a win-win situation for both parties.

Bonus #3: Be Trained by Subject Matter Experts

Get exclusive access to subject matter experts in various fields.

This bonus ensures that our students can directly engage with professionals for deeper insights and real-world problem-solving techniques.

Our experts, who are leaders in their respective domains, are keen to share their wealth of knowledge, tips, and best practices.

Students will have the unique opportunity to learn from these veterans through interactive Q&A sessions, enhancing their learning experience.

Bonus #4: Exclusive Community

Elevate your professional journey with a bonus that connects, inspires, and supports: Exclusive Access to Our Elite Community.

This community is a vibrant ecosystem comprised of fellow students, subject matter experts, and trainers – all dedicated to mutual growth and success in the virtual assistant field.

Enjoy ongoing support, advanced training opportunities, and a community that’s focused on success.

Bonus #5: One Year
Limitless Access

In our commitment to your ongoing growth and success, the Elevate to ELITE Virtual Associate Mastery Program gives you Limitless One Year Access to Replays and Recorded Training.

This exclusive access ensures that your educational journey with us extends far beyond the initial training period, providing you with continuous learning opportunities to stay ahead in the ever-evolving virtual associate industry.

Get started now

Joining ELEVATE TO ELITE is a pivotal step in your professional development and career growth.

The comprehensive training, expert mentorship, and unparalleled community support are accessible at a EARLY BIRD RATE OF P10,888. (Regular Price P15,888)

This investment is not just a financial commitment but a gateway to unlocking your potential, expanding your skill set, and elevating your career to new heights.


* All sales are final.
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Gwenn is an excellent trainer. I like the way she presented herself. I salute her background and experiences in virtual assitant world. Elevate to ELITE is a good investment to those who’d like to pursue being a Virtual Asistant.

Arjel P.

ELEVATE to ELITE VA program covers foundational skills and strategies needed to excel in the virtual assistant industry and it is a good investment for those who’d like to have a solid start in becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Kat P.

Gwenn has excellent communication skills and very articulate and keeps the class funny and exciting. Great overview about the essentials of Virtual Assistance and Digital Marketing. My key takeaway: Canva!

Shiela D.

Gwenn is well-versed on all the digital marketing tips, tools, and topics. Digital Marketing is a must nowadays, thus the relevance of adding it to every Virtual Assistant’s skillset. My key takeaway: Tools, tools, tools!

Tina B.

Got a grasp of things I need to know about becoming a Virtual Assistant from one of the highly qualified and trusted experts I know.

Anna S.

Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, Gwenn. Everything is on point, practical and comprehensive. It was also fun learning from the best.

Marites C.

Knowing that the trainer was one of the pioneers in the Virtual Assistance field with more than a decade of experience and mutliple certifications under her belt adds to the credibility of the training. Elevate to ELITE’s job-matching component is definitely a plus especially for beginners who would like to shift to the VA field of work.

Van P.

Gwenn is very knowledgeable and a subject matter expert. She is able to inject personal experiences that are relatable to students.

Cheryll N.




All lessons are pre-recorded and will be released on the following dates:

  • Module 1: April 15

  • Module 2: April 22

  • Module 3: April 29

  • Module 4: April 30

  • Module 5: May 10

There will be weekly checkins at the end of each module:

  • Module 1: April 19

  • Module 2: April 26

  • Module 3: May 3

  • Module 4: May 8

  • Module 5: May 10

Why this program isn’t like any other program

It’s interactive.

This isn’t a passive learning experience. Although the lessons are pre-recorded, you can engage during weekly checkins and group discussions. Plus you’ll be receiving feedback that’s actually helpful.

It’s specific.

We’re offering you a golden ticket into the niche world of trainers, speakers, edupreneurs, and coaches.

It’s practical.

The Capstone Project showcases your deep understanding and your skill in putting plans into action. It proves you’re ready to handle real-world tasks, not just in theory but in practice. This makes you stand out as a competent Virtual Associate in a competitive market.

Get started now

Joining ELEVATE TO ELITE is a pivotal step in your professional development and career growth.

The comprehensive training, expert mentorship, and unparalleled community support are accessible at an EARLY BIRD RATE of PHP10,888. (Regular Price P15,888)

This investment is not just a financial commitment but a gateway to unlocking your potential, expanding your skill set, and elevating your career to new heights.


* All sales are final.
** Our official payment gateway is Creative Dash powered by Xendit.