Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do?

This is an excellent question and our most frequently asked one. A virtual assistant (VA) can perform any task that a traditional assistant can, but they do so remotely. Their responsibilities can range from administrative tasks such as email management, scheduling, and travel arrangements to more technical work like graphic design, web development, and even organizing online food deliveries.

For more detailed information on the capabilities of Virtual Assistants and the strategies behind their effective utilization, we recommend reading WeSupport.Biz’s ebook, “What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You.”

How Do I Communicate with My Virtual Assistant?

Effective communication is crucial for business success. It is important to treat Virtual Assistants as valuable team members rather than mere task performers. Building a strong relationship with your VA can significantly enhance their output, thereby adding more value to your business.

To ensure smooth communication, we assess your existing platforms and make necessary adjustments. We consider the systems for various types of communication, such as text, document sharing, video conferencing, and calls, along with the business rules and frequency. Each communication strategy is tailored to the needs of the business and the preferences of the individuals involved.

In addition to textual communication, forming a relationship and getting to know each other is vital. Face-to-face conversations, especially through video conferences, are highly recommended, particularly during the initial week. As your VA becomes more familiar with their role, the frequency of these meetings can be reduced, but regular communication should still be maintained.

An effective tool is the end-of-day report, summarizing the day’s activities, plans for the next day, and any questions for you. We provide training to the virtual assistants on how to complete a comprehensive end-of-day report that keeps the business owner informed.

How Proficient is Their English?

The English proficiency of Virtual Assistants can vary. Many VAs possess excellent English language skills, with some even exceeding the grammar, writing, and spelling abilities of native speakers. Others may have less advanced English skills but excel in behind-the-scenes roles such as CRM management and video editing.

We suggest determining the most critical areas in your business that require support and hiring VAs accordingly. All candidates, regardless of their role, have sufficient English proficiency to ensure successful communication with the business owner.

To assess a VA’s English proficiency, you can watch this video. {link to VA’s video speaking}

Where Do You Source Your Virtual Assistants?

All of our Virtual Assistants are based in the Philippines. We meticulously search the country to find the best candidates for our clients, often through referrals from current team members who recommend individuals with the right skills, attitude, and mindset. This approach allows us to select from the top talent and secure the best Virtual Assistants for our clients.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of Virtual Assistants can range from a few dollars to twenty dollars per hour, depending on several factors. The role the VA will be performing is a primary consideration, with specialized tasks such as high-end video editing typically costing more than general administrative work.

Engaging a company like ours may involve higher initial costs but offers long-term savings by providing the most suitable person for the job and supporting both parties with effective communication and systems.

At WeSupport.Biz, we prioritize ensuring a return on your investment in a Virtual Assistant. We recommend having a discussion to determine if hiring a VA is the right move for you. To arrange a conversation, you can do so here.

I Heard That Philippine Virtual Assistants Tend to Disappear; Will That Happen to Me?

We understand the value of consistent, long-term support. We establish conditions that support both the business owner and the Virtual Assistant, ensuring a stable working environment.

Most Virtual Assistants prefer full-time, ongoing work. We provide either full-time positions with one client or two part-time positions with different clients. Additionally, we offer support through communication, community, training, and mentoring to create a positive working environment.

While there is always a possibility that a VA may leave due to changing circumstances, we are committed to supporting you through any transition, ensuring that you receive timely and effective support.

Do You Pay a Fair Wage?

We are committed to providing fair wages and excellent working conditions for our team members. Many of our Virtual Assistants have been able to enjoy international holidays, build their dream homes, and achieve other personal milestones due to their work with WeSupport.Biz. We value our VAs and strive to attract and retain top talent to support business owners effectively.

Can I Find a Qualified Virtual Assistant?

Absolutely! The Philippines has a population of over 100 million, offering access to a diverse pool of skilled and experienced individuals. Our expertise lies in working with business owners to deeply understand their needs and develop a strategy to provide the most valuable support in the shortest amount of time.

How Do I Know My Virtual Assistant is Working?

At WeSupport.Biz, your Virtual Assistant will be dedicated to working with you, either full-time or part-time with another client. This ensures that you can easily reach them during their scheduled hours and have confidence in their availability.

We help you set up communication systems to clarify the VA’s role, daily tasks, and progress. Tools such as the end-of-day report, which details completed tasks, plans for the next day, and any questions, help ensure that you and your VA are aligned and achieving desired outcomes.

What About Security?

We recommend using password management software like LastPass or OnePass to share access without revealing actual passwords. Building trust and progressively granting access to necessary systems helps ensure security while enabling the VA to perform their role effectively.

If your industry has specific regulatory requirements, we can work with your security provider to install necessary security measures. Our VAs are willing to comply with any security protocols to meet your regulatory needs.

Can Virtual Assistants Answer Phone Calls?

Yes, our Virtual Assistants can handle phone calls in roles such as executive assistant or customer service representative. While they may not have an Australian accent, they typically have a neutral accent that is easy to understand. If you need a phone system, we can assess your requirements and recommend a suitable solution.

Can I Ask a Virtual Assistant to Perform Personal Tasks?

As a busy business owner, it is important to get support in both your professional and personal life. Your Virtual Assistant can help organize personal tasks, such as meal delivery or holiday planning. One of our VAs, Jonathan, even handles personal messages for some clients.

Can Virtual Assistants Only Handle Repetitive Tasks?

While VAs can efficiently handle repetitive tasks that cannot be automated, they are also capable of more complex assignments. For instance, they can create Canva templates, research CRM or video editing software, or find solutions to various problems. Virtual Assistants are versatile and ready to go the extra mile for you.

Do I Get to Communicate Directly with My Virtual Assistant?

Yes, direct communication between the business owner and the Virtual Assistant is essential. We help you establish a communication framework to support this relationship. During the initial stages, we facilitate and check in to ensure that the relationship is developing well. Incorporating your VA into team meetings can also enhance this connection.

Do Your Virtual Assistants Work in an Office?

Even before COVID-19, all our Virtual Assistants worked from home. We value work-life balance and strive to provide a conducive work-from-home environment. This approach helps us attract and retain top talent, as it offers flexibility and eliminates long commutes, allowing VAs to spend more time with their families.

How Do I Share Access with My Virtual Assistant?

We recommend using password management software like LastPass, OnePass, or Dashlane to share access securely. This allows you to grant and retract access easily, ensuring that your VA can perform their tasks without compromising security. Gradually providing access over time helps prevent the VA from becoming overwhelmed.

Do I Need to Provide My Virtual Assistant with a Company Email Address?

The necessity of a company email address depends on the VA’s role. If the VA is in a client-facing role, such as an executive assistant or customer service representative, a company email address linked to your domain is recommended for professionalism. For team members who do not liaise with clients, a domain-linked email may not be necessary. We work with business owners to determine the best approach for their specific needs.

If you have other questions, feel free to book a discovery call with us.